Answers to our most commonly asked questions can be found here.If, after reading this section, you have not found the answer to your question,please don't hesitate to contact us.

  1. Where are you located ?

    Dabbagh group of companies is owned and operated based in Australia, Since 1996, MDgroup has become one of the most respected in the meat, skins and natural casing ,operating 365 days a year, with access to over 100 countries, our offices are located in Australia, Turkey,Bahrain, Qater and UAE. Contact us. 

  2. Which countries are you exporting?

    Our products have been exported to Asian countires such as China, South Korea, Middle East and Euope  

  3. what products are you exporting?

    our products include salted drum skins, wet blue skins, casing, meat, and grain fodders

  4. Is your meat halal?

    Yes, all our meats are halal, Associating with only Full halal accredited plants, Dabbagh Trading a stringent quality control system operated by experienced staff and pride ourselves on ensuring the right product is delivered to our customers from the right place at the right time.